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Where else can you go if you’d like to get a rapid HIV test done? Where else can go when you need someone to talk to? Come into our world – enter the PrEP Point.

Our community-friendly HIV testing and counselling service uses current 4th-generation rapid test kits, administered by a trusted Pulse Advocate. We also offer consultations and prescriptions for PrEP On Demand, and free condoms and lube for you to take.


We’re sure you have a lot on your mind. We’re sure that you’ve got plenty to talk about. When you step into a PrEP Point for a rapid HIV test or counselling appointment, you can be sure that the discussion will just be between you and your Advocate. Whatever you talk about in the PrEP Point, stays there.


Our Advocates are skilled, trained and experienced. But they’re not your ‘counsellor’ or ‘therapist,’ and you’re not their ‘patient’ – you’re each other’s buddies. And like a good friend, they can relate to what you’re going through. So tell them everything that’s on your mind. Chances are, they’ll have things to share with you too. If you require advice that is beyond what we offer, that isn’t a problem – we’re also your starting point to be networked into a range of community services.


A HIV test or counselling session can be an unfamiliar and daunting experience. At our PrEP Point, we’ll put you right at ease in comfortable and familiar surroundings. You and your Advocate will have the opportunity for open, non-judgmental discussion in a casual environment – not unlike having a chat with your best friend in your own living room.

Open your heart to your fellow brothers – be a PrEP Point Advocate today. Get in touch with us: