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It’s everyone’s right to ensure that sex is a fun and safe experience, regardless of what you’re into, your HIV status, or how frequently you do it. Whether you do it frequently with different partners, are in a committed relationship with the one, or aren’t as hung up about it, it’s the duty of you and your partner (or partners!) to protect and respect each other.


There are many ways you can protect yourself, before, during and after sex – all you need to do is make a habit out of it. Using condoms and going on PrEP are two options you have, and in the occasional slip-up, PEP may work for you.

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If you’re living with HIV, the best way to stay safe is by sticking to treatment and using condoms. And when you’ve succeeded in achieving undetectable status, you can be sure that you are at no risk of transmitting HIV to others.

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Some may use recreational drugs for extra “kick” during sex. We do not condone or encourage it – but if you do, please ensure that you take the right precautions to protect yourself during sessions. And be aware of when the time comes to kick the habit – support is available if you want to quit.

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Consent is the foundation of every sexual encounter! It means mutually agreeing to have sexual activity, being in tune with what your partner wants, and respecting each other’s personal boundaries.

It’s very important that you and your partner are okay with what’s going on. Remember that it’s your right to stop whenever you feel like it, and that it’s necessary to respect your partner’s decision if they tell you to stop.



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