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Thailand may be first in Southeast Asia to recognise same-sex partnerships

After languishing quietly in previous years, Thailand may be set to take its first steps to legalising same-sex partnerships by law.

This could make Thailand the first country in Southeast Asia to recognise same-sex partnerships as such. However, the bill stops short of authorising gay marriage – it is more similar to the recognisation of civil unions, which often precedes the right to marriage in many countries.

Thai people appear to be very open to the idea: a United Nations Development Program survey found that two-thirds of Thais did not object to same-sex unions. [Out Magazine]


Image: StyleCaster

Transgender model Teddy Quinlivan is the new face of Chanel Beauty

Model Teddy Quinlivan has broken new ground by being selected as the latest face of Chanel’s beauty line. In an Instagram announcement, she writes about the difficult journey she experienced to get to this point in her career.

Having worked on campaigns for Redken and Maison Margiela Fragrances, Quinlivan is also the first openly transgender model to be picked up for a Chanel campaign. You go, girl! [Queerty]


‘Pose’ star Angelica Ross is the head bitch in charge in American Horror Story: 1984

Your favourite horror anthology (thanks, Coven) is back with many new faces! Set in a 1980s American summer camp, the upcoming ninth season of American Horror Story adds a contemporary twist to the 1980s slasher genre it’s inspired by.

Among the new faces include American Horror Story regular Emma Roberts, and Olympic star Gus Kenworthy in his acting debut. [Out Magazine]


Image: VH1

Drag Race Australia to come in 2020 – can we get an amen?!

Fresh off the cast announcement of Drag Race UK, we’ve caught wind of another Drag Race boot happening down under.

ITV Studios Australia have announced that they have “secured the rights” to the reality show, and projects a release date of sometime in 2020. Details are still scant, but we think none of us can wait. Let’s get sick’ning! [Out Magazine]


Family portrait: being gay married, one year on – when you’re Queen Elizabeth’s cousin

A year after what happened to be the first gay marriage in the history of the British royal family, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, aristocrat and cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, reflects on his union.

While groundbreaking in a sense, Lord Mountbatten and his partner appear to be taking it in stride. Speaking to British Tatler, he remarks: “I just find it quite odd. I suppose I’m quite traditional.” [Out Magazine]


Image: Dexter Lander/Dazed


Grindr: on hooking up, body image and self-hate through the eyes of five men

Does anyone ever stop to unpeel the lives of their hookups?

Probably not many. But this gorgeously-shot feature by London-based photographer Dexter Lander breaks down the human beauty and vulnerability of what would otherwise be people coming to life from a body or dick pic sent through our community’s favourite app. [Dazed]



Image: John McCann/M&G

Youthful consciousness: reconciling childhood and sexual identity

For many men, the experience of growing up without completely understanding your sexual identity can lead to many difficult feelings.

In this article, South African writer Brindley J Fortuin explores how his conservative upbringing in a time where people like us were still prosecuted and violently discriminated against – not too far from the current reality of life, right here, right now. [Mail & Guardian]