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Study: quitting smoking may increase risk of depression

It’s very well-established that smoking is a harmful habit, but in a paradoxical twist, a study has shown that people who quit are more likely to “develop depression, or trade smoking for another habit.”

This journal-published study has shown that the incidence of former smokers experiencing major depressive disorder or switching tobacco for binge drinking or marijuana has increased over a 11- to 16-year period.

It doesn’t pinpoint why, but the findings show that it could be a threat to “the progress that has been made in reducing the prevalence of cigarette use.” [Medical News Today]  


Have questions about HIV? Ask – but be tactful

It’s fine to be curious, but where does curiosity end and intrusion starts? In this video, openly HIV positive man Aled Osborne talks about the inappropriate messages about his status that people on dating apps send to him.

“Just remember that the person that you’re communicating with, is a person,” Osborne says. “And they are a human that is receiving that information.” Listen, everyone – and that’s for everyone using the apps to communicate! [BBC] 




The unseen struggle against HIV stigma

HIV stigma and discrimination affect people living with it deeper than what is visible, as actor and dancer Richard JMV Schieffer writes.

Often, PLHIV do not realise this until something happens and gives them a reality check. The takeaway is simple: people living with HIV can have the same opportunities as anyone else when we recognise their battles.

Read more in his column here. []


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Growing older with HIV

Aged people living with HIV? Yes, they exist – but they’re not talked about enough.

It’s now widely accepted that PLHIV are living as long and as healthily as their negative counterparts. However, the experiences of someone living with HIV well into their senior years is still not widely documented in research, or properly understood by the community.

The physical, mental and social aspects of aging with HIV may or may not be similar to those of younger people, and it is up to the every one of us to explore this. []


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